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  1. Same from me. Get well and look after yourself before worrying about a game.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll try it without ATAC loaded and see if it makes a difference. Cheers,
  3. Well there are no blocks or anything from my end, so something in it is causing a crash. It literally just did it, I looked and you have just updated. So there is still a problem somewhere in there. python.log
  4. Just to update that I haven't had the crashes on modpack updates since removing the version checker.
  5. OK thanks, I'm installing latest version without the mod pack version checker, I'll keep an eye out for when you next update and see if it has fixed the crashing on version release for me.
  6. Hi thanks for the answer, and yes I can access that URL without any problem. I will see if I can find anything on this pc build that might be affecting it then, thanks again. *edit to add - I kind of assumed that the problem with the log archiver was to do with the multiple installs, as in I have installs for RU,EU and NA, and it seems to have a problem deciding which install to take the logs from. Could this be a part of the problem? The versions of WOT install are different for each region, and the modpack has to be installed on each install (can I say install any more times?), s
  7. It did it again just now, crashed because of update to version. To reproduce, you might be in a game, update the version, finish the game, then start a new one. It stops at the loading screen. Have to restart the client, upon rejoining the server it tells me that there is an update to the modpack. Because I have multiple installs the log archive thing doesn't work, so I've just attached the logs without any changes to the client. At least it is consistent: every update while in game = crash at start of next game. Cheers, python.log xvm.log _
  8. Thank you for the prompt reply. My apologies for not following the reporting format, here are the logs that I have. The archiver didn't work for me, but that may be because I have 3 installs of the client (EU, RU and NA) and it might have got confused with the locations. But I run the same install on each version, with no differences in the options (apart from changing RU client to English) python.log xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  9. Every time you release a new update, it crashes the game for me. Today's (literally just now) caused my whole connection to the server to die.
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