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  1. P2_

    Battle Results

    thank you again
  2. P2_

    Battle Results

    Thank you. i supose, yk is the author site , is correct ? regards
  3. P2_

    Battle Results

    Hello, In the recent versions i cant find the option for show the wn8 in battle results as view in the image. Any help is welcome regards
  4. P2_

    Problem with damage bar

    Cool, Thank you,
  5. Hello, Before anything i apologize for using google translator. (i speak spanish) I love your package of mods. i ve 2 or 3 years using it. Never was a problem until now. In battle i cant see the damage received in the left panel bar. Always the points of life are full, and do not see when change by recieve a shot. If i uninstall the mods the damage panel work good and decrease the bar when i receive a shot. Any idea of what happening or how to fix this problem.. Thanks you for read mi post. Greetings
  6. We Needed flags for NA server with all American Countries please
  7. My problem is that: No matter how I install the mod. Always appears the same, I tried changing settings and does not change the game. Do not operate the carrousel Do not put the ping servers No shows statistics from xvm I reinstalled the whole game. I deleted the folder res_mod. No matter what I change, always the same appears. It is as if a record is not modified and always does the same. Help me please. I hope that the translator has done his job well P2_ commander of JL in server NA Thanks
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