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  1. 10 hours ago, Aslain said:

    WG added those bars many months ago, you can find the switch in the game options.

    Thanks....I guess at some point that setting got inadvertently changed somehow.  I guess I wasn't blind, I was just looking in the  wrong place.


    10 hours ago, Quaksen said:

    Derp_Clicker 😛 

    Hey.....I resemble that remark!  That is actually a good nickname.  🤣

  2. I don't have any hit point bars selected anywhere in the modpack...or at least I can't find where I have, but I have hit point bars on the player panel as seen in the screenshot below.  



    I can remove them by setting "removeHealthPoints" to true, but I don't see where to make this change in the modpack.  It isn't a big deal, I can use the Custom_Mods folder to automatically make the change with the playersPanel.xc file, but it would be nice to have this setting in the modpack.  If it is, I don't see it...and yes, I might be blind.  😁



    Here are my logs in case they are needed.





  3. This happened to me a week or so ago.  If I remember correctly, the battle results were not available in the client itself.  I had to open the uploaded replay on Wotreplays.com in order to see the detailed results.  There were several battles, maybe 5 or so, that never had the details available in the client from that session, but the details were in the replay.  If it happens again, I will try to provide more information.

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  4. Make sure you are installing  the modpack by "Run as administrator".  If that doesn't help, you might consider temporarily disabling any anti-virus/mal-ware programs you have installed.  The mod-pack is guaranteed virus/mal-ware free as always.  It is definitely something local to your computer that is causing the problem.  If it were a modpack installer problem, the forum would be exploding.


    If the two ideas above don't help, then hopefully someone else will have an idea.


    Good luck.

  5. The player panel works just fine, but it has the wrong vehicle name, wrong player name and wrong hit points displayed.  It is the same in your screenshot, playerTF, vehicleTF, and 2500/2500 hit points even though the tank already has lost hp.  You can see the same problem with the screenshot below from a battle I just finished.  I wish the tier 8 French SPG, the Lorr. 155 51, had 2500 hit points....:glasses:


  6. I was just about to post the same problem and saw this thread.  I only wish that my artys actually had 2500 hit points...lol.  When I noticed it I laughed because I thought the TF was from "What the [email protected]*Q?"  :joy:


    Anyway, here are my logs as well.  Just in case they will help.  And yes, I also use Shtys Damage panel....so no need to look for that.


  7. 1 hour ago, Yazai said:

    I tracked it down to a XVM Problem. I deinstalled whole game, did a new installation and then manually installed XVM only. And bang I lost connections.

    Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip 143.04 kB · 0 downloads

    It could be that your firewall/anti-virus or something else local to your computer is blocking the connection to the internet when xvm tries to connect to get the data it needs (player wn8 etc).  I use XVM and don't have any problems.  If it were a problem with XVM itself, then there would be many, many reports about it.


    It is probably something local in your case.  Test it by temporarily turning off your firewall and launching the game with xvm.  Then try the same with AV turned off.

  8. I don't have any problems logging in automatically.  I can see from your logs that you have log-in automatically selected in XVM, so it should work.  


    From what I have learned on my Google Maschine, Asia clients don't have the check box to save your email/password like we do here in EU and probably in NA etc.  It seems that there was a mod out a while back to fix this for Asia client players, but I can't find an updated version and therefore can't recommend trying it.


    Have you tried logging into the WarGaming website first and then using the Quick Login function by clicking on the WG logo?  Or using Facebook login if you have one?  That is the only other idea that I have.


    Good luck!

  9. Yep...they are not visible in Safe Mode either.  So it is either a bug, or maybe WG will claim that this is a feature....haha.   Seriously, I doubt it is a connection issue, unless it is due to a connection issue between the two brain cells of the person at WG that is responsible for the mistake.


    I made a post on the WoT forum in the bugs section.  So I am sure it will be corrected very soon.....haha.  


    Edit:  I also created a ticket with WG Customer Service about this issue.   So everybody can rest easy....I am sure this issue will be taken care of extremely quickly.:glasses:

  10. I have had the same thing happen a time or two.  I had closed WoT before running the installer, but it was still active for some reason so I ended the task and all was well.  I have to be honest and say that yesterday, the same thing happened except this time I had forgotten to close WoT....haha.


    At any rate, I think this issued definitely can be a WoT issue and definitely isn't an Aslain's issue.

  11. Hi,

    Please see my signature below and the link on "How to report a bug or issue".  That link provides valuable information on how you might possibly solve your issue easily, and most importantly, how to provide the needed information for someone to diagnose and potentially solve your issue.  Logs and screenshots are extremely helpful, and most often necessary.


    Good luck on the battlefield.

  12. I download and update every release because I want to generate a little revenue for Aslain.  I do this even though some updates only have changes to mods that I don't use.  I have a pretty fast pc and a decent internet speed so it takes less than a minute for me to do it.


    At a minimum,  I would definitely download and install all updates that include any changes to any of the mods that I use.

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