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  1. This mod adds the tank-type as letters on the 'ears' of the game screen, see picture, At a glance you can see which tank-type is what Heavy or Medium or Light etc. without deciphering a shape and/or colour. ****** Aislain - Please feel free to modify the code if you need to ****** Code: // TankType by Alpha (LT/MT/HT etc) "TankType": { "enabled": true, "x": 105, "y": 1, "align": "center", "bindToIcon": true, "format": "<font size='20' color='{{vtype-key=LT?#{{.colors.vtype.LT%6.6X}}}}{{vtype-key=MT?#{{.colors.vtype.MT%6.6X}}}}{{vtype-key=HT?#{{.
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