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  1. So I was checking the official WoWs Asia forums, since I noticed in the mod pack that this was gone, and then noticed as well in the WoWs Asia forum that the thread topic for this is gone too. Anyone knows the story why this is gone or discontinued?
  2. Milliardo


    Have also been wondering about this. I think that WoWp doesn't have the numbers that WoT and WoWs have. I see WoWp as the forgotten child of WG.
  3. I'll leave the request on here even though I did find that the anime loading screens are part of the packages at the bottom of the mods list. Still, I would hope that there are anime loading screens for the game that are not part of a package, just as it is in WoT mods. Also hoping that there would be HSF loading screens or even the new LOGH collab, so I will leave this on for any modder there to see.
  4. Just adding here a screenshot from Aslain's WoT mod installer, to show what I mean by anime login and battle loading screens. Hopefully someone can do something like scenes from HSF or some other naval related anime.
  5. Just to add to this, I'm posting a screenshot of Aslain's mod installer for WoT to show what I mean for adding music to WoWs since userMusic is no longer supported or possible in it. Hopefully someone can do a mod for this (music from HSF or some other related naval anime would be good).
  6. I think I'll make a slightly different request here, though still related to music. In WoT there is a mod that changes the background music. In my case I have it as the music from Girls Und Panzer. I'm wondering why this has not been done for WoWs, though I understand that possibly more people play WoT than WoWs. Still though, would be good if this is automatically done as with WoT and not to have to find music on your own and add it to the game files, etc manually.
  7. Actually, I already have the Principality of Zeon flag on my German ships (here on the Tirpitz), but am hoping that it is available as well here so I don't have to go through all the trouble of installing it separately every game patch update.
  8. Am just wondering why no one has made anime loading battle loading screens yet much like how it is in WoT. Hopefully someone can add HSF and/or Azur Lane battle loading screens. In WoT we have anime loading screens, so I hope in WoWs as well there are some.
  9. Well, to add a bit to it, also add in as well Equestria Girls crew and voices...
  10. Actually I requested this on the official WoWs Asia server, and for those on the Asia server it is available there already, but then I thought that it should also be available for Aslain's mod pack here, so I am making the request here (even if I already have the flags on my ships--see the Asia server forum where it is discussed there).
  11. Now that HSF is out, again, I noticed that there are Azur Lane Commanders but no High School Fleet Commanders. Maybe it would be good for those who have not bought the Commander pack ingame to have it (along with their voices of course).
  12. Well just to add...finishing up on all the Battle Pass chapters would not only take long, but also very expensive. That's 50 stages we're looking at, and WG is so darn clever in the Enhanced Battle Pass or whatever where you only get to complete one or so stages, NOT the whole chapter. At least in WoWs last time out in Drydock, when you buy that to complete it, you don't spend much but I guess it's not enough to WG that now you have to spend gold to complete each stage APART from buying that enhanced thingie. Anywho... So that's why the request for these three fellas here. Especially Badayev since in the video he seems like a cool guy. Would be nice if someone can rip the audio from that video as well for some ingame dialogue, but that's not really essential...
  13. Well this is a slightly different request from my previous one, though somewhat in line with that as well. These are the Battle Pass Commanders, and I wonder if anyone can make a mod that would make them available with the regular Commanders?
  14. Yeah, it would be a task, but it could be done since basically it is already a feature ingame: we have female crews and females can be mixed with males. I think the only reason it's never been done in mod is, as said, it is quite a task. Given that it is already built in ingame, IMO it's only a matter of really committing to it. I'm no programmer though so those who make mods might have better insight into it. Yes, actually that's my thought: change half of the roster so that half of the portraits are males and half females. Again, might be a task but IMO it is already inherent ingame anyway so it's just a matter of committing to it. IMO of course.
  15. As it stands right now, the mod pack for females is just that--it changes all of your crews in all tanks as females. However, I don't want all of my crews to be female; I just want some of the crews to be female. Is there a way to mix in male and female portraits, and as well have male and female names as well? I mean a female named Roger would sound funny...unless there is one, somewhere.
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