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  1. Hi, maybe I am blind but look as I might, I do not see the Score Timer option in the list of downloads. I was looking at the same location as Radar Timer etc. Would it be too much trouble to ask what I am doing wrong in my search? Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to get this mod back, it is extremely useful!!! THANK YOU CAPT_ OVEUR 🙂
  2. THANK YOU Capt_Oveur for all your hard work on our behalf! It is very much appreciated sir!
  3. The Developer stopped modding but... Capt_Oveur has said he will try to make a new version of it! If he does, there will be a lot of happy mod users ! 😉 Let us wish him an easy attempt>
  4. FYI- I think the name of the mod was Score Timer, seems some confusion by some posters on the actual name. I am also hoping it gets restored soon. Seems it was a very popular mod. Thanks again for EVERYTHING Aslains!
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