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  1. Hi, maybe I am blind but look as I might, I do not see the Score Timer option in the list of downloads. I was looking at the same location as Radar Timer etc. Would it be too much trouble to ask what I am doing wrong in my search? Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to get this mod back, it is extremely useful!!!


  2. On 10/16/2021 at 11:55 AM, Capt_Oveur said:

    I have been trying to rewrite this mod. It's been a struggle because some variables needed for the calculations to predict the outcome of the battle are not in dataHub, i.e. not readily available in the client.

    I have found workarounds, so I think I could finish the mod, however yesterday WG told me another modder has done it using the new ModsAPI_v2.0. (Those type of mods are allowed to import game client modules and use non-obfustated objects, game engine methods and Python modules/libraries used by the client. However, those mods are released together with the client, they cannot be tweaked, they are controlled releases and include the modder's digital key, and they are valid for 30 days.)

    So, do I finish it?


    THANK YOU Capt_Oveur for all your hard work on our behalf! It is very much appreciated sir!

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  3. On 10/9/2021 at 8:08 AM, 1810328 said:

    The "SCORE TIMER" Mod showed the time left to win and switched from the green to the red, or vice-versus each time the lead in the game changed or the points changed it reflected the added time to win, or reduced time to win.    I have not yet seen it and don't believe it was available in the last WoWs Update either.    Probably 85% to 90%+ of our clan battle players in our clan (BTLST) and the 4 other Clans in our United Warships Alliance (NKOTD,LARD, CCPLZ, & TYPH) used this invaluable Mod to keep track of how the battle was swinging back and forth and adapting our play to win (hopefully)!     Any insight you may have on if this mod will be returning would be greatly appreciated.    


    The Developer stopped modding but... Capt_Oveur has said he  will try to make a new version of it! If he does, there will be a lot of happy mod users ! 😉 Let us wish him an easy attempt>

  4. On 10/7/2021 at 10:07 AM, Capt_Oveur said:

    The author of the mod stopped modding a long time ago.  AFAIK he was contacted but can't update the mod. I  took a look at it, there's nothing wrong with the code of the mod but some variables don't get updated because of changes in the client. I could not fix it so I'm rewriting it. I can't work on it for the next few days (it's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada) I'll pick it up again next week.  The ETA is sometime next week  IF  I can do it at all. Cheers!

      THANK YOU SIR!!!

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