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  1. Anyone know how to remove them/ turn them off? Just needless visual stimuli that doesn't tell me anything anyway (I'm not really playing from North Korea)
  2. Just a heads up that if you enable the hand brake it is defaulted to SPACE BAR. If you are like me and have assigned space bar to activate something else, eh em fire extinguisher, it will not work until you reassign the hand brake to another hot key.
  3. Yes but by deleting the mod_pmod.pyc you also remove the aiming reticle in game. Tested with both Jimbo's and stock reticle.
  4. There is a perfectly legal way around this. Just place fire extinguisher in slot '4' and then re-hotkey it to space bar. Instant legal auto extinguisher (almost) for 10% of the cost. I'm so proficient now that whenever I get hit my thumb reacts by depressing the space bar I only ever burn 2 ticks at the most.
  5. Sorry for the delay in responding. Aslain 1.6x works perfectly when zooming in more using the mouse wheel. However, when you use 'Shift' to switch to sniper mode you cannot use the scroll wheel to switch back to arcade view directly from 1.6x zoom sniper. You have to scroll deeper into sniper view 2x, 4x, 8x, etc and then scroll back to arcade view. It's like 1.6x has the no scroll option built in. Atlin
  6. Is causing an issue for me. I use my scroll wheel to go from sniper to arcade view. However, I can't scroll wheel out of sniper view from 1.6x I have to scroll forward to 2x or greater to scroll out. Can this be fixed? Else I'll just switch back to 2x default.
  7. First, I assume the extra info in arty mode mod is broken as I cannot find it in the installer. Second, the mini map zoom in mod is broken (for me at least) when I L. ctrl the mini map increases (temporarily) in size by one and my crew icons move from my dmg panel to the middle of the screen. Is there a fix at this time, besides going back to version .26 that I was running prior to .47? Cheers, Atlin
  8. It is related in that I need to shift it to the right (where it was previously ) as now it is more right of center and over lapping my hp pool
  9. Did we ever determine which file to edit to reposition this? With the latest Aslain's this is buried behind my team hp pool.
  10. So my issue is that I sometimes randomly slow load into battle. Not on a specific map and not every match. ie. I can run 5 matches fine then slow load on the 6th fine for 3 then slow load again for match 10 and 11. Typically I load in with 18-20 seconds left on the battle timer. When I slow load I enter the game 40 seconds to a minute and a half into the battle. Does this suggest the issue is ISP related or hardware related? My machine is all new components except I'm using the original HD I don't know if my hard drive is potentially bottle necking things or not. Thoughts and or suggestions please. Cheers, Atlin
  11. Remove the battle timer mod that gives you the angle indicator or effective armour calculator. The mod does not work nd is tied to the battle clock. I removed this mod and presto battle timer is back
  12. I realize Aslain is on vacation so I'm not asking for anything to get 'fixed' I'm just wondering if anyone knows which mod is killing my battle timer so I can remove mod until issue is resolved. Thanks much
  13. Interesting I didn't dl any new mods and mine worked tonight. Odd
  14. yes, I watched the replay and it is exactly like it was in game. I can send you the replay if you want to view it.
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