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  1. Hi, The installer seems not install Locastan Stats. I installed manually, seems to work. Regards Dan
  2. Hi For players panels, i prefer (voted) option 1 / 4 battle loading option 2 should be better :-) A++ Dan
  3. Hi, I come back, i did not remember the efficiency rating value you suggested, but this can be a 1st step. Medium and Large customized. A++ Dan playersPanel.xc
  4. Good , checked last version and already included bravo :-)
  5. Hi, I found the mode @ http://pkwot.blogspot.fr/2015/05/97-marker-of-active-tanks-moat-for-tank.html a++ Dan
  6. Hi, I have already added to it in blue. Located in 0.9.7\gui\flash\TankCarousel.swf (I installed OMC and saved the file - and came back to Aslain mod pack 4 playing :-)) Hope this helps, A++ Dan
  7. I will work on it, inspire from "spot messenger" ... and i ll come back. i will take xvm sources to check python ... by
  8. Do you know what is causing that ? (cameranod.pyc ?)
  9. Hi Aslain, This mod shows the results in a left down corner (chat zone) with the previous battle (when finished) during the game you are playing. I tried to integrate it to the Aslain installed, but doesn't work. I updated manually PMOD,json, battleChat.json ... In fact i installed only this mod from Solo mod pack to get the proper files. When i do a "copy & paste" (unless PMOD.json), it doesn't work .... It seems you are not using the same CameraNode.pyc file. Have you an idea or is it possible to integrate it to your pack ? Thanks by advance, Regards, Daniel
  10. Hi, I reworked a little the players panels to make them less large, and introduced colors (player = wn8, tank name=%wr of the tank ..) For those who would like to try, just replace in World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\Playerspanel.xc by this. The image version will work if you previously installed it - the images are located in cfg://Aslain/icons/hp_bar/ally/option1/. Hope this helps, Regards, Dan playersPanel_hp_bars.xc playersPanel_images.xc
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