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  1. samething, crosshair is at the top left corner Edit: changed crosshair to different one, default one were a jimbos
  2. Issue solved: coincident, problem occured after we created an admin account to win10 and switched original account to regular. Somehow it took couple of days to realize that was the problem, thanks Aslain to giving a hint about locales... That turn the light bulb on top of my head. :D So, when we tried to run game as admininstrator and it works fine. Sorry about causing more work for you. :( Thank You Offtopic: Solved couple of days ago an another problem caused by teamviewer to AW https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?55038-AW-not-recognizing-GPU-cant-get-past-end-user-licence-(temp-fix)-resolution-issue
  3. Something to do with some win10 pc's? Basically i have same settings on my win7 without issues. Thanks anyway. (Reinstall whole game next perhaps?)
  4. 9.13.14 -> Game loading screen, bottom line "XVM file not found" Same screen and during a game, tanks not showing properly (colored by heavy/medium/light (contour icons with arab tiers)) XVM working fine without modpack Tank carousel 2 rows not working Auto equip/transfer doesn't work. Behalf of my friend who has no english skills at all python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  5. My Norton tells me that this downloaded file is not commonly used or trusted, but doesn't find any viruses etc. So nothing to worry about.
  6. no help from my friends side, he is mainly focused to the mobile apps. i know basic, may i help. :blink: :D (the time when C64 were that thing)
  7. wasn't sure if source is available... i send an email to my "friend" and asked him to help... Just curious, why BegiN won't do it?
  8. Ok, thank you. Remember to rest and sleep ;)
  9. Ok, i think i know someone, but... i'll ask him. does that whole program have to be rewritten or is there somewhere a source code?
  10. Ok, thanks. Rather strange behaviour... i think it started when 9.6 were released... btw: I think we can survive here, if you take some time for yourself occasionally. ;)
  11. I tried a OMC (or what ever it is) and liked a option to save different configs to a file. There is also couple of other nice things, but i felt that modpack is not so uptodate as yours...
  12. First of all... Thanks Aslain for your excellent work... looks like u don't have time to do anything else. ;) Please don't get a burn out, ok? I have couple of request, but this is not the right place to ask them. And here is the video of it... that explains it all http://youtu.be/kTsghjXIKXE _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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