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  1. I did look at the previews but still I feel confused about something. There are 3 options - Panels by XVM, Panels by Aslain and Player Panels. Now I have worked out that Panels by Aslain actually isn't all panels but just Under-the-Tab panel. I don't know what Panels by XVM are. Are they all panels or just under tab panel or something else? Under the Player Panels there are Large, Medium and Start Mode. I'm guessing the Large is the last one when you do Ctrl-Tab? And the Medium Panels... is that the 3rd and the 4th? And why does it say "default"? Also what is Start Mode? I'm guessing it over-rides the default start of the what-was-selected-before mode and starts with what is selected here? Am I the only one who is confused about it?
  2. Thx, it worked, I had no idea it was possible.
  3. UPDATE: I deleted everything inside res_mod folder and playing without installing mods and the mini-map is a bit smaller but it is still very big. Has the mod messed up game files outside the res_mod folder or something?
  4. Can anyone explain in detail what exactly all those settings are? I have installed the mod quite a few times and still can't work out what they are. player panels.bmp
  5. This morning I was experimenting with the setting in the Aslain's mod pack (mainly mini-map related) and now my mini-map is huge (takes up a quarter of my screen) and I can't make it small again. I tried everything. The last thing I did was delete everything inside the res_mod folder and install the mod again with everything that is mini-map related unticked. What can I do to make my mini-map small again?
  6. You know when the clock is ticking before the start of a battle and you have the player lists in full XVM colour and with all the additional data for you to analyse? I was just wondering if there is a way to change it a bit? Is it possible to change the sequence of the columns and also make it show the names of tanks in standard WoT font and place player name column closest to the centre of the screen to make them fully displayed? And I don't mean just in the Aslain's mod pack, I mean maybe by editing some file myself.
  7. Googled it again and yes, the top hit is the aslain's webside. Earlier I googled it a number of times trying different variations like aslains mods, aslains mod pack, etc. and there was no aslain.com in the searches results. Bizarre...
  8. Every time I need this site I just google "Aslains XVM" it's at the top of the search results. But today it wasn't. It was absent from Google search completely. So I just used Bing and it brought you up top of the list. But I was just wondering why you absent from google...
  9. Just installed it and there seems to be a few problems. The cross-hair is pointing to the left of the screen no matter where I look. Distance circles on mini map are absent. There is more but can't remember right now. Is it still a working progress and will be fixed or did something go wrong with my install as there don't seem to be a thread about the bugs. Cheers
  10. A mod that allows you to see spotted tanks out of draw distance would be an OP mod. But I guess that would require the spotter to have an XVM mod the same as me that is designed to send/receive all the necessary data to each other.
  11. Arty mod. The one that leaves a red don't when you fire. Don't know how many use it, I don't think many as most arty don't relocate after they fired but I don't see them taken out. My ELC got shot by arty once using that mod I think. I'd just come back to my PC and battle had started. I fired a shot at an out of range tank but within draw distance and a short while later I was dead. I wasn't spotted or camping bush and all tanks had long gone from base and in battle so no reason for arty to shoot base unless he had that red dot appear.
  12. Agree, people say there is no hax in WOT but this is as good as a hack. But it's there and lots of people use it. I don't see why I should put myself at a disadvantage by not using it...
  13. I mostly play scout and only use and find very useful two mods: spotting distance circles and destroyed objects. Pure hax tbh :D What you mean by alternatives?
  14. I have a mod folder from somewhere and in it there were a couple of files (DestructibleBox.json/DestructibleBox.pyc) I used to paste in after I installed Aslains XVM. But after the update they stopped working. Any idea where can I get the new ones? Cheers
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