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  1. I like this mod, it is the only one I use. But if you die and want to start a new game with a different tank, before the other game ends, it doesn't register the "other" game. Any other session stat mods w/o that problem? @RaJCeL
  2. If you are in windows waiting for the game to start, 5 seconds before it starts the WOT taskbar icon starts blinking red. Is there a mod to change it to longer, say 15 or 20 seconds?
  3. I always thought performance related stuff was XVM, but I guess not.
  4. Here you are. 🙂 Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. I am trimming down on the mods I use. I am going to continue to use Yasen session stats, The Mini Map distance circles, HP circle for tanks in MM, and Minion 6th sense icon/sound. I found I like not knowing how good/bad my team mates are, or the estimated win chance etc... But something is adding a ratings # and color in the player names. Not sure what it is tied to or how to turn it off. I know it isn't Yasen SS, I had that added by itself while waiting for Aslains 1.12 to come out today. That is when I realized I wanted to trim down. Anyone know what causes that?
  6. I mean per game wn8 rating, not overall.
  7. Just getting back into WOT after 3 years away. I used to have in game real time WN7 stats, but can't find the right mod now, does it still exist?
  8. Sorry, just found out this is a WOT issue, not a mod issue.
  9. After every match, it used to update, now days go by and it stays the same, seems to update when it feels like it. This started over a month ago. I bought a new Hard Drive, and so reinstalled everything and it still is doing it.
  10. I don't think I have ever noticed it on other players Pershings though.
  11. Default, I guess, I don't change the icons. I can get a screenshot if you need it.
  12. In V4.3.1 in the team listings, during battle, the Pershing is showing as Tier VII (should be VIII)
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