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  1. Hi Aslain, hi all. Are some times that i get this issue playng arty. My suspicious go for ExtraAimInfo that maybe is inconpatible with Melty sight. I try with a tier ten as a tier 3 and the problem is the same. Here some screenshots: Here the log file: Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip The issue have two situation: If i open the arty sight before it load the shell, i can't shoot and it's stuck, if i open the arty sight after it load the shell, i can shoot. As ii wrote above, i use Melty as sight, anyway you can see all the mods and XVM setting in the log file. Thanks in advance, best regards
  2. Signorwolf


    Hi Aslain, hi all I'm a Gambiter's damage panel user, and i would like to know if is possible set an alarm for damaged Ammorack and also when a loader was injured, or if there is a damage panel that do it. Thanks in advance and Happy holiday Aslain Signorwolf
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