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  1. Seriously, they are not in the depot. There is one camo net and one bino in there. I had one on every TD. I've got 97 TD's. I never dismount and remount those Items. Maybe that was foolish but never considered it an option I wanted. It happened last time there was a WOT update too. I'm not saying they are gone forever, but this happened exactly the same way last update. Its been fine for some time now but it was/is frustrating until all the stuff shows back up. If I recall it was a day or 2 later. EDIT:Ok so they don't show like 90 of each in the depot, but if I click on each TD, I can load them manually. So they appear to be there like I thought. Just don't show in the depot. Im sure the Auxilium update will fix it later.
  2. Yeah I am running Auxilium. Got it. I'll be patient then and wait for the mod to be updated. But yeah, the stuff isn't in the depot at all.
  3. After last 2 times I've updated the mod after a WOT update, I lost all consumables, binos and camo nets. Last time I managed to get all of those things back after some major messing around and running the mod several more times and kept trying things with auto resupply of consumables and auto reload of equipment. I cannot get it to work. I've lost millions of credits worth of equipment and consumables. I'm sure there is an easy fix... I just cant figure it out. any help would be appreciated. If I get it figured out, i'll edit post. THX!
  4. Does new version of mod pack fix it? Or what is the fix exactly?
  5. I have the same issues. After micro patch had CTD which I fixed after uninstalling Gnomefathers sound effects (BUMMER). But cant seem to figure out which mod is causing me to not see any fire and smoke effects. Also seemed like I wasn't seeing the dirt thrown up by the treads.
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