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  1. Proszę o dodanie Ilonek konturów z adresu https://mods.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/tank-icons-emblems Chodzi mi o opcje " C " Pozdrawiam.
  2. Proszę o dodanie ikonek Czołgów 3D Tank Icons with Emblems 3D Tank Icons with emblemsWith emblems of nations. SPGs and Tank Destroyers are colored in red and blue colors, respectively. in A, B and D variants Premium tank names are yellow. Added new variant of icons, "Variant B". FROM v3.2 With gray class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "B" Added new variants of icons: "C" and "D". FROM v4 Colored class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "C" FROM v4 za strony http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/tank-icons-emblems , szczegulnie zalerzy mi na wersji "C". Pozdraiam
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