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  1. i'm getting this 'error loading stats' all the time. even with only the ekspoint win chance mod installed. no other meaningful info in the logs
  2. 1) have a sequence that starts at 1.6 that doesn't exceed the limit for NA 2) be able to set 1.6 as a default zoom option
  3. delete res_mods/0.9.9/scripts/client/clientchat.pyc
  4. actually tracked this down to a separate mod from aslain's pack. i'm not sure why it didn't interfere with other packs, but it definitely is not a problem with aslain's mod pack. nothing to see here. move along :-)
  5. Additionally, session stats are not working, and the mods for VbAddict's ADU are only picking up around half of my actual battles. This problem started with 9.9 and does not happen with a vanilla client or with other mod packs. i've tested OMC and Jove specifically. i'm still working on narrowing it down. Several of my clan mates have the same problem. Will update the topic with more info as I get it. It is slow going, as I actually have to play a battle between tests. There's nothing obvious in the python.log. I do get the after game results window if i stay in the battle until the end. But if I close that window i can't get it back, and if I back out early, i never get to see it.
  6. cool, will take a look
  7. weird on taipan2. but yeah, i decided to drop it. it is too far behind in functionality, even though i like the aesthetics of it. yep, will update the contour icons regularly. how do i let you know when a new release is available on github? post here? PM? i'm also willing to help out with odd jobs if you need any help. have a flash decompiler and a halfway decent knowledge of flash and python.
  8. i've changed my mind on taipan2, it has lagged too far behind taipan1 to be useful. i would still like to see my contour icons get out there, as i've had very good feedback from others i've shared them with.
  9. I've got two mods for your review and possible inclusion: Qualan's Contour Icons (home with preview, mod) Taipan2: an English language translation and visual refresh of the Russian Taipan2 sights. (home, mod, release notes)
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