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  1. I am kinda noob in these stuff... but where do I find the log files??? I didn't got an error message so I have no idea where are those log files...
  2. In clan wars and skirmishes when I click the "ALT" key nothing happens, things like minimap, hp bars (of the tanks), tank markers etc... It's like if my "ALT" key wasn't working... but in standard battles (and outside the game) it works perfectly, so somehow it just affects some special battle modes
  3. Hi. In the description of alsain download's page you said "- removed Extra Aim Info (stopped to work properly after last wg micropatch)" but for me (at least for me) it steel works perfectly I and feel really sorry after update aslain because I don't have that mode now... please put it back again and put like an advise saying per example: use carefully because it is not working for some people. Or something like that but please put it back again I love that mode for arty or even tanks that the shell is slow.
  4. Hi! If you can put some wot tweaks or the mod wot tweaker plus in aslain it's better for the fps of some pc's (like mine)... wot tweak like disable smoke of the tanks and things like in the other wot versions (9.8 9.7 etc...). Thank you and sorry for my english... I'm portuguese and I'm not very good at english :P Thank you one more time.
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