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  1. Do you think if we disable the OTM mods it will work? Not near my PC to try atm
  2. I should mention that while my game is now running 100% for normal tanks and battles, when I tried to play the Franken it crashed me from the game as soon as I pressed play and wouldn't let me back in until I was dead
  3. Thanks so much Aslain and others I am back in the game for the first time since the upgrade I have also made a small donation to Aslain on the download page and encourage everyone else to do the same no matter how large or small because without these mods the game would be nothing Thank you
  4. Bear in mind there are XVM related modules / options throughout the mod pack so you probably have to scroll through the whole list to see you have none of them selected I have tried but it appears likely that is the case Damn wargaming that they can't have all their servers the same DOH!
  5. Same problem Last time it was Nahimic but I can't find it on my pc this time Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Hi All I found the problem it was Nahamic on my laptop. I renamed it and am back playing Here is the thread about it. See near the end of the page http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/554303-920-update-game-crash/page__st__20#topmost
  7. I tried the game in safe mode and it still wouldn't load. I've updated the graphics card and windows and still no joy so have now put a ticket in to WG
  8. Unfortunately that is precisely what I cannot do. I actually got as far as synching the store before it crashed but not into the hangar
  9. Hi Aslain would that be because I can't log into the game after the install? Is there anything you can suggest for me to do or try?
  10. Tried tweaking things but still no joy and here is the latest log files Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. thanks very much and sorry for not using my own brain here they are Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. My game crashes every time I try to start it. Gets to syncing then fails Happy to provide logs is someone can tell me how
  13. Pictish


    Hi I just downloaded the latest Aslain's without paying attention and it is for 9.16 but the Asian server is still running 9.15 so my game won't start cos it is looking for the 9.15 mods folder Is there a way round this or can I access Aslain's last 9.15 version somewhere? I have tried changing the name of the res_mods folder to 9.15.2 and it didn't work EDIT I have reinstalled a 9.15 version and am back in the game Thank you
  14. Actually I have just installed 1.06 and exited my first game to fine the garage empty and had to exit game Must be one of the options I have selected
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