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  1. Okey the problem still persist with that last "Rogues Session Stats" mod, any idea about any fix in any of them? i have the same problem in all session stats of your pack
  2. I really dont have a favourite so lets check Rogues one i hope its all fixed Edit: Ty !
  3. Hi mates, lets see if this have an easy and quick solution. When i play some randoms and i change to stronghold cw or team battles, then my session stadistics stop to work at all when i come back to play randoms. Past patches never happened something like that to me. How can i fix it or you know any session stats that dont have this error? it happens to me with Yasenkrasen's and Roughneck's too
  4. Oh i posted in WOWs section sorry then. I saw it working in odem mortis modpack and thats the link they give of the mod's creator so thats all i can do. So... no chance to see it in Aslain's ? its a so cool hangar with lots of funny positions in maps of wot, so it have so low weight and an easy "dropdown" for choose the hangar u want, and more possible chooses like random hangar each game.
  5. I posted this becouse i used this hangar mod this patch 9.10 in odem mortis modpack when Aslain's modpack was not ready for current version, sorry, where i need to post this? I think this is the correct section becouse its my request to Aslain to use this Hangar mod in his modpack. Thanks :)
  6. This pack contains crazy, funny or even impossible hangars for World of Tanks. All hangars are based on standard World of Tanks maps, and don't contain graphics, this limits the download size to few Kbs for tens of different hangars! I think its so interesting to add it to Aslain's mod pack. Check it ! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/478058-096-beppims-pov-29-new-hangars-for-hangman/
  7. Read before to reply please, i said i want only that 2 examples i described, that means that i dont want another stadistics more than it (obviusly). Anyone can help me pls ?
  8. Anyone know how i can have a panel who has the same info as "Medium panel" - "Wide" but with platoon numbers? Or the perfect for me would be the same as "Large panel" - "Simple panel 2" but i already have a contour icons with tank names and i want the less useless info in screen. Can you help me pls ?
  9. I have the issue that when i hold the right-click for stay with turret in any point and check arround something else, the turret moves by moments and cant stay where i started to press the right-click. The problem appears only in world of tanks and in 0.9.4 patch i think. I did not post this at bug reporting because the problem is a little old and can be a known issue with easy solve. Thanks
  10. I really apreciate it, thanks !
  11. I know the vbaddict web, and i never could do good the step of upload the right file, by activating this at the installer is that step done and i can use vbaddict's web with full info like uploading manual? EDIT: your link dont run
  12. I know the vbaddict's web, because i never could up that "file" for read there in that web my account detailed info. What does it do?
  13. Oh i didn't notice that option, auto-next mode activated sry x) Thanks !
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