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  1. Here another person having the same issue.
  2. zClanMod is the issue, I unchecked it, and I was able to enter my garage.
  3. Ohh really, maybe I'll remove the clan mod, and see if works.
  4. Quaksen do you mean doing manually, or do by aslain mod pack option?
  5. How can that be Aslain, I unistall all the mods, and the game starts up. It has to be something related to the mods.
  6. Hello Aslain: I am trying to log in to play a bit of WOT, and I am stuck in the loading screen. Somehow it stuck in this option synchronizing discounts. I had no issues yesterday, so in case there was an update with the Aslain mod pack, I updated it, and it still giving me the same problem. I also did do the clean catche and content of DLC in the updated file you post a couple minutes ago. I then again restalled it, and I am still having the issues. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
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