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  1. Yep have the same thing as well pmod was selected as well
  2. It is in there, Currently only the text reload timer is working due to the animated circle being bugged, im sure the creator of the mod will have that fixed soon and aslain will update it with it
  3. Hey there Aslain, My fav modpack by far, so many options and its super easy to install everything... One thing if possible would be nice is if you could have a search filter option in the mod selection? Since you have sooooo many awesome mods sometimes it can a little challenge to find a mod you just added into it. It would be very helpful in my opinion. Thanks and good work! -SS
  4. well I tried different graphic settings turning on and off multiple different graphical processes and nothing seems to make it work... Not sure what else to do here. i wish i had some fair dust to make it work....
  5. ok i just downloaded the otm reload by itself without any other mods thanks for that, still doesnt work me. So it must be something with my computer right? thats very strange. any ideas?
  6. ok did a new install of the latest modpack reset everything in the game and ran a clean install. Still didn't work :/ It just doesnt show up at all or anywhere on the screen. Just like that it isnt there. Still hope we can figure this out XD thanks
  7. downloaded the fonts just incase, have the latest otm, Still won't work. Nothing shows up. text or animated. Hopefully we can figure this thing out because I really like that mod :P
  8. nothing appears over the tanks or anywhere around the tanks, its like its not in the code. If I did have a font missing how would i know its missing?
  9. tried it again with the mod pack installed it directly from that link still doesnt work for me. I must be doing something wrong here. When i downloaded it directly I extracted it into the resmods folder. I tripled check to make sure it is checked in the modpack, I have windows 8.1 btw. Hopefully I can figure this out with your help.
  10. Hey guys, Iv'e always heard that its good to exit out of the game (any game) before installing mods, something like tf2 though you can do with the game on because it checks client info during the connection phase. Is this the same with WoT? Would be nice to know becuz I would like to test some mods and exiting and entering can be bothersome and annoying. Thanks :) -SS
  12. i like meltymath one becuz i found it easier to aim with the static crosshair (not the turret or server one). I have tank information popup and its important for me to be able to hover over the tanks quickly to see the stats. I havnt used a whole lot of others either so there is some biased in my opinion :p
  13. sorry i should have looked before hand. I thought since it wasnt blocked out in the pack like the other were that it might work. Thanks for the reply
  14. Hey there, So this has been a problem for me actually in both 9.9 and 9.10, the OTM reload doesn't work in game for me. I have done all the other steps that you said we should do before posting here. Ive tried text only, animated, only with both checking and unchecking hide players reload and nothing seems to get it into gear. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is this an actual issue? Thanks in advance :) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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