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  1. That mod shows wn8 real time in battle. It shows DIFF what i guess its the damage difference to your actual wn8 overall. Is there any way to modifiy that DIFF to my desired wn8 instead of my overall??
  2. Im having some issues with damage logs offset (both made and received). What r the lines to correct that?
  3. No need to test it, it works perfect :) Thanks so much, again, Ress
  4. @Ress Hi again mate, Ive been using the mods u adapted for me but now they dont work fine in 1.4.1 (maybe they changed the panels?) I dont know how to adjust them so Id like to know if you would help me again. I attach the actual files I used to use and an image of how its shown now. Thanks a lot even if u cant help me playersPanel_short.xc playersPanel.xc
  5. Im having some troubles in campaign mode. The crosshair gets stuck at some point in first seconds of battle and it doesnt work. Its only the crosshair, i mean the tank can move the cannon and shoot in manual way but without seeing where exactly i am aiming. Any help would be appreciated. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Not working on any tank in #7 #8 and #9 modpack version. I always do a installation erasing all previous mods and leaving it empty. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. You have to unzip in res_mods/configs/xmv/aslain I have it a little bigger and adjusted. So many thanks Ress!
  8. It just doesnt work with italian tanks as men are shown. Polish new ones are ok
  9. It still works fine with 1.1 update. The config is great and the hp bar can be hidded easily, awesome Ress. Id like to know whats the rating marker lines to make it a little bigger and edit the offset to other icons.
  10. I change icons everytime i update aslain so it doesnt matter. Your solution works great, thanks a lot mate!!!!! I didnt know this can be done just editing the configs and i only tried aslains configs while installing modpack.
  11. Ress... I love ur short panel!!!! I wanted the vtext cause i know it can be coloured by rating but this is even better. Can you tell me how to do it step by step? Thanks a lot mate!
  12. @Aslain Im afraid it is from your modpack. Ghostman101278 icons.
  13. 1. I cant unselect the option when installing cause the original wot icons are shown. 2. Its easier to hide vehicle text (of course you are right) ... but what i want is to have the vehicle text colored by wn8 rating. If i could get the icons coloured by wn8 id just hide vehicle text as you said. Im trying to disable the in battle panels as the image shows cause i like to have the vehicle, the hp status and the sixsense icon. That in both panels (enemies and own team) takes so much screen for me. Haha i know its unusual but i think this will work great for me.
  14. Thanks for answering. That way icons are just hide but the shape keeps moving the other panels (hp, spotted...) So theres no way to ERASE the icons completly? Maybe ASlain can add an option to have none icons. Thanks anyway!
  15. I want to erase the panel icons. Is this possible? As the image shows Id like to erase the red icons (not changing to other icons just nothing on that column) and keep only the green column. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I have just unninstalled BATCAVE and it works fine.
  17. My fault... sorry for that. Now Ive just erased that but still dont work. Maybe something with hangar? Or maybe I have to wait until it works fine without being beta? Thanks anyway for your help Aslain. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  18. Still not working. Ingame features work fine but nothing in garaje (research, battle report...) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  19. Im trying YK with addons and its not working for me. Only working the notifications but the "addons" that id like. I sent a message on the wg forum but nothing from now. Thanks mates. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  20. Unfortunately YasenKrasen addons beta isnt working for me... Ill wait for full version Thanks anyway Quaksen!
  21. I think I got it! Thanks again mate
  22. I didnt see "addons beta"!! Thanks a lot Quaksen. I have another question but i dont know if im opening so much topics. What does "AutoQuest" do? I tried it and saw nothing.
  23. I think theres a mod that show your wn8 on the battle result window but i dont know wich one is. Theres a pic of what im saying. Thanks!
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