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  1. The compact vertical tech tree is blank for all nations and blueprint displays. I ran the mod install again this time selecting compact horizontal tech tree and it works fine. Something is bugged with the vertical tech tree mod in vers v1.4.1.1 #01. I attached my log running the horizontal tree. If you wish the log running the vertical tree let me know. I changed nothing else when I switched tech trees so all mods installed are the same in both instances. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Yep just tried it and was about to edit my response above to let you know. Thank you very much. Your modpack set is the very best!
  3. After the patch today 6/3/19 the vehicle preview does not work. Right clicking on any vehicle in the tech tree only shows the WG "working logo" for a second and you are still at the tech tree. When you close the tech tree the current vehicle graphic is missing from the garage as per screenshot below. If you select another vehicle everything is ok again. I ran the WG check and repair and the problem is still there. Ran in safe mode and problem is gone so there is something in the mods I have installed. I am attaching the mods logs as per your instructions. Thanks in advance. Asl
  4. Same problem here. Intermittent crashes leaving battle before the end or after battle. Had no problems at all for 3 weeks straight before the game patch today. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. All choices of the info panels do not work at all for me either just after installing the latest mod pack today.
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