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Installation deletes content of "Aslains_Customs_mods" folder

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If I install the mod pack it'll always delete the content of the folder "Aslains_Customs_mods"

That didn't happen in previous versions of the installer even if you chose to delete the download cache.

Now it always deletes this folders content regardless of choosing to delete the download cache.


That bug, if it isn't intended, is pretty annoying because it also deletes the custom mods placed in said folder (i.e. mod1.zip, mod2.zip etc.)


Would be nice to have this fixed so we don't have to backup the custom mods every time we alter the mods.

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since last versions, the folder "Aslains_Custom_mods" is deleted after each Aslain installation. The current mods in this folder are installed, but I have to backup this folder and restore it each time.

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