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LOADINF for Aslain's Installer

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A small mailfunction:


I installed the tool LOADINF for Aslain's Installer to clone my configuration to an other PC.

So my "master" config includes the "External App" Application for loading Aslains's installer configurations.

I copied LOADINF_for_Aslains_Installer.exe and the .inf file to the second PC (in the same directories as they were on my "master" PC) and executed LOADINF_for_Aslains_Installer.exe.

So then I load the actual MOD pack, load the .inf file and click the button to run the MOD installer. So the MOD installer opens and since I want to have the exact same modes, I skip the configuration part and proceed with the installation. But then the MOD installer stops with an error message that LOADINF_for_Aslains_Installer.exe is already in use and should be terminated. When I terminate it, then the installer closes too (most probably because it was called by LOADINF_for_Aslains_Installer.exe).

I solved the problem by uncheck the LOADINF for Aslain's Installer in the MOD Installer before I press the install button in the MOD installer on the second PC.



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