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Would you like a "Text HP in PlayersPanel" option...?

Would you like "Text HP in PlayersPanel"...?  

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All of Aslains HP in PP options are HP Bars, he doesn't have a Text only version.

I find this to be much better.

- uses less space

- easy to see exactly the HP left

- colour changes depending on how much HP left


Would you all like this as an option?


Here it is....





Okay, so I figured out how to make my style for the HP #'s in PP in your mod.

- Cyan
- Green
- Yellow
- Red
Also, I changed the HP ratios.


    "colorHP": {
      "very_low":         "0xFF0000",   // very low       / очень низкий
      "low":              "0xFFFF00",   // low            / низкий
      "average":          "0x60FF00",   // average        / средний
      "above_average":    "0x00FFDB"    // above-average  / выше среднего


    "hp_ratio": [
      { "value": 10,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.very_low"     } },       // Цвет для значений менее 10 проц
      { "value": 40,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.low"          } },       // Цвет для значений менее 25 проц
      { "value": 80,  "color": ${"def.colorHP.average"      } },       // Цвет для значений менее 50 проц
      { "value": 101, "color": ${"def.colorHP.above_average"} }        // Цвет для остальных значений


    "hp": { "x": 118, "y": 3, "bindToIcon": true, "align": "center", "alpha": "{{alive?100|0}}",
    "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' size='{{alive?13|0}}' alpha='{{alive?{{ready?#FF|#80}}|#80}}' color='{{c:hp-ratio}}'>{{alive?{{hp%4d}}}}</font>",
    "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 0, "strength": 2, "distance": 1, "angle": 0    }


Then comment OUT // all the:
lines in playerspanel.xc and ALL the xc's in your PP folder.
Make sure also def.hp is NOT commented out in the same files.

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