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Info Panel Izeberg INOP ?

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i edited the colored one to be next to minimap when i have my minimap zoomed in really big replace the colored xml with mine and put horizontal offset in game options for it to 400 


hope this helps :) i even had it add the name of the gun on the tank you are aiming at :)



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Thanks Draco.  My problem was I was set to reload option, and 0.0 puts it under my integrated hit log.  Switched to color version and now I could see it, but still under hit log panel.  400 pixels adjustment puts it just to the right of center which covers half my tank. Not enough adjustment in the menu for this to be useful for me.....sigh.

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hmm weird i select the colored one i edited and added as a file in my previous post put the ingame horizontal mod setting to 400 and its right near my minimap. maybe it might have to do with my resolution (1920x1080) if you feel comfortable tou can try editing the xml file to have the whole info panel moved over more. sorry i couldnt fix your problem :( im still new to editing xml files myself.

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