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  1. some mods go nuts during FL so its 50/50 on if they will work with it or not. its a gamble we ( mod users ) take when playing anything but the normally test random battles mode.
  2. have to wait for the RU server to get the patch. most mods come from the RU so once they get the patch then mods will be getting updated.
  3. i might not be aslains or know much but maybe try using the hitlog with the checkbox ticked with (draggable with mouse) so you can move it away from the player panels
  4. go to your H:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA look in the main folder for paths.xml look at the top make sure it looks like this Path>res_mods/</Path> and not something like like how mine was now my mods work.
  5. i just updated and im not sure if its a change WG did or something but when i move my camera in game the otm are not static in place anymore and move around and make me feel sick. i have a clip of it and also my logs.Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip EDIT: removed video clip since its a game bug. no idea if i can delete my own topic or not so just editing it
  6. ah weird i guess windows is being dumb with the mods installed i will choose change the stuff i pick later when i get a chance sorry for putting something up that isnt of use.
  7. was trying to load the game and before i get to the login screen my game becomes unresponsive. i tried safe mode and it loaded to the login screen just fine here is the logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. thats not a good idea using reshade with D3 sooner or later you will get tagged by their anti cheat software and get banned. thats why when ever i use cheat engine i make sure i dont have blizzards app running or anything while i fudge around in my single player games like skyrim and fallout.
  9. only one per person correct? if so could i get overwatch. if its not one per person could i also get the surge im not going to ask for more than 2 as that would be too much
  10. dang that sucks guess we will just have to wait to see if someone can make a replacement with the ALT function with no dumb adware junk from ekspoint, i thank you for testing it and reporting back to us.
  11. he had something similar but the author of that mod was doing shady things and is now banned from being in aslains modpack for his continued shady practices.
  12. hmm weird i select the colored one i edited and added as a file in my previous post put the ingame horizontal mod setting to 400 and its right near my minimap. maybe it might have to do with my resolution (1920x1080) if you feel comfortable tou can try editing the xml file to have the whole info panel moved over more. sorry i couldnt fix your problem im still new to editing xml files myself.
  13. i edited the colored one to be next to minimap when i have my minimap zoomed in really big replace the colored xml with mine and put horizontal offset in game options for it to 400 hope this helps i even had it add the name of the gun on the tank you are aiming at skin_3_colored.xml
  14. just noticed the same thing adding my logs to help see if they help find the issue. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. thats weird i used the direct download and didnt get any adfly links popping up it just went and downloaded the file to my chrome downloads destination. do a antivirus scan and MB scan make sure both are up to date to make sure no sneaky files got onto your pc somehow. i wouldnt add any adfly to exceptions because adfly stuff can be kinda shady sometimes. (not saying aslain does anything shady but those advertisers on adfly sometimes do.)
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