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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to All and here specially to Aslain for develop & keeping this awesome mod my favorite that has enhanced so much my gaming experience (starting next year i'll put my money where my mouth is and donate mate  :) )


I don't run too many things and most are working great. There is an intermittent bug on Jimbo's crosshair, sometimes the reload timer on the sight sets to a red 0.0secs but the gun is reloading and the timer at the bottom works.The immediate fix is going in/out sniper mode. This bug its been there on previous versions, and I've seen other players reporting it. Win7 Ult. 64 bits. I can post an image of this if needed.


Some ugly looking icons appear now on the done Damage Panel, representing the type of damage. Maybe they could be removed or resolution enhanced.  I've seen other players mention this too, I use Zayas. Also maybe this panel could be lowered a couple of lines, on my screen it overlaps with the tank's team bar at the top (maybe because number of lines set to max 15? I'll test that and edit)


Hope skins get added soon, I use Korean Random.


That's about it, cheers all & and have a great holiday Aslain.

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