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  1. Hi All, in my case my pin is ok and I am playing fine, but suddenly I lose control. I can see whats going on, my pin looks ok, but the tank continues to move in the direction it was going and then crashes or moves out of cover, and usually I get killed ... Its like my KB and mouse are disconnected because the game doesn't freeze, it goes on but I can't control the tank. This happens randomly without notice, multiple times in the same match, anytime, and lasts for a few seconds. It is very disturbing. I have a 970sc drivers updated, I try to keep a clean system/installation. I have tried running vanilla and it still happens. Anybody else experiencing this issue?
  2. I am going to start working on the Spanish translation.
  3. For the record, I had the same issue as tsdeane, unchecked Direction Indicator (didn't have Vehicle Exp Extended checked) , and it did it form me. Installation went smooth as usual.
  4. It's a new experimental feature for exchanging data between players. Don't know what it really does. http://www.modxvm.com/en/news/xvm-6-2-2-1-for-world-of-tanks-0-9-14-1/
  5. Good Day and Happy New Year 2016 !!! I am using a modified copy of the hitLog.xc file (adjusted coordinates so it doesn't overlap with some other info in that area of the hud) I am using a version from June 24th. Have you made any changes to it since? Thanks again and again for keeping the modpack up.
  6. Yes Yes Yes. The Alt option has been enhanced !!! I had not realized it, Thanks Guys !!! GJ Aslain.
  7. Thank You Quaksen I'll see to that. Aslain I mean the name of the player on the hitlog, not at OTM. Besides the type of tank, shell and damage done. p.e, if there are two IS-3's in the enemy team, and I want to which one is hitting me.
  8. Good Day, I have had these little issues for a while: - I use to be able to expand the minimap to almost full screen pressing Ctrl, now its just a small zoom. - I would like to have player's names at the hitlog, not anymore even if the option to hide them is left un-selected. I already ran a Clean installation deleting the DLC cache and resetting game settings. Thanks in advanced for any help. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Good Day, game has been crashing every so often since last update. I ran a clean 4.6.2 installation with the cache options selected as per your instructions, and then updated to 4.6.3 Issue still present, sometimes at the beginning of the match, sometimes at the end. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. Good Day I have seen players "T" up a target (Concentrate Fire on the Enemy Warship!) I understand is a script that binds a key to it, it would be nice to have it on the modpack. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Good Day and before anything else let me thank and congratulate @Aslain and his crew for the great job you guys do, WoT is a whole different experience for me thanks to XVM, mods and passionate folks like you. After that "softening barrage", if you have time please evaluate including this: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/439322-098-hangar-manager-hangman-with-freecam/#topmost I am using the version in your pack, but my favorite (Waldlager, the detailed german outpost in the forest) is not included anymore in the few built-in hangars. I don't use many "aesthetics" mods and understand these requests should have low priority, but if I know you my voice will be heard. Good Luck & Have Fun.
  12. X=190 (from 260) Y=020 (from 003) Beautiful !
  13. Hey! I've always had the same issue, decided to post it and found this threat ... :)
  14. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to All and here specially to Aslain for develop & keeping this awesome mod my favorite that has enhanced so much my gaming experience (starting next year i'll put my money where my mouth is and donate mate :) ) I don't run too many things and most are working great. There is an intermittent bug on Jimbo's crosshair, sometimes the reload timer on the sight sets to a red 0.0secs but the gun is reloading and the timer at the bottom works.The immediate fix is going in/out sniper mode. This bug its been there on previous versions, and I've seen other players reporting it. Win7 Ult. 64 bits. I can post an image of this if needed. Some ugly looking icons appear now on the done Damage Panel, representing the type of damage. Maybe they could be removed or resolution enhanced. I've seen other players mention this too, I use Zayas. Also maybe this panel could be lowered a couple of lines, on my screen it overlaps with the tank's team bar at the top (maybe because number of lines set to max 15? I'll test that and edit) Hope skins get added soon, I use Korean Random. That's about it, cheers all & and have a great holiday Aslain.
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