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  1. Hoping for a bit of help. From web search this may be a Windows issue (running W10 Pro 64bit rev.17763.292 if that's of use to anyone) however, this is the first time I've encountered the issue and then only when I've attempted to install the latest modpack. As per image, a dialogue box with a warning is visible at the end of the modpack install. Clicking OK gets me past it and the install seems to complete but I'm concerned that something essential's missing.... somewhere. Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. When I had Bitdefender installed it was a bit like that - very nanny-like with Aslain's modpack as well as modpacks I run on other games. Realised that after 35+ years of being tech savvy I could run on minimal AV input so Bitdefender (and any other system embedded AV programs) got the heave-ho and I don't get nagged. Long story short: chuck Aslain a contribution for his time, bypass the file storage site links entirely, click the "direct" download link, and you get a clean download, no nasties. Quick edit - if your username on here is your actual email address, I'd contact one of the admin to get that changed to something else pretty soon mate.....
  3. Getting pretty regular CTD's (using v. in-game; I'm not running any carousel mods & I've left XMQP out as well as disconnecting from that service on XVM but things are getting pretty unplayable. Can anyone see any conflicts or potential causes via my logs? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. I've searched; there's nowt I can see. My crews are made up mostly of buffoons so one looking at me in my garage is the last straw.
  5. Quaksen, ignore my previous reply - I'm a numpty! I'm mixing up ma mods man: have only recently installed Battle Assistant (going to try and finish the Stug missions so need to get an arty piece ready to roll for that) and - in my 12:40am, 420-addled mind - I mixed it up with good-old Battle Observer. Nothing to see here... just a stoner dad
  6. Probably the latter but I was under the impression (when playing) that it was functioning as it should. Probably auto-suggestion this end. Seriously though, I've never been presented with the message in-garage before (despite having the mod & it's sub-components installed) and I've been using Aslain's mod-pack since my initial WoT install last year which speaks volumes for the quality of the mod-pack if it's the second thing I installed at the start of my rather jaded WoT career ..... (trying to redeem myself here ) Anyway, thanks guys; I'll take the above 2 replies as confirmation of it being kosher and bid you.... adieu
  7. Hi folks. Running #19 - logged into garage, saw a message "Battle Assistant is not active, please click here to activate" with a hyperlink that leads to the following: I've never seen this message with that link before so thought I'd best check if it's legit and if so, how come I've never seen it before?
  8. @ OP - out of interest, what anti-virus are you using? I had similar headaches with Bitdefender in that I had to do a whole lot of adding to trusted folders & applications etc yet still had issues. At that time I resolved it by completely turning off AV protection (all aspects, total AV shutdown) while I installed the mod pack and it worked (disclaimer: I don't advocate doing this so Don't Do What Donny Don't Did...) but given that there's sometimes a run of mod patches I had to do this so often I changed AV packages and it's no longer an issue.
  9. Been running #05 all day (with OTM enabled, ATAC! disabled) - rock-solid stable. Cheers again.
  10. Will try it and feed back. Safe to use OTM's again or...... not?
  11. Hi - just registered, great mod pack (lost without it). As per thread theme, CTD's...... have disabled OTM markers but getting CTD roughly ever 4-5 games, mostly when end battle or switching players post-death, occasionally in garage. Log file enclosed. Thanks again. Edit - using pack #4 Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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