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MeltyElement's Effective Armor Calculator & Protractor Mod

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"MeltyElement" Effective Armor Calculator & Crosshair Protractor Mod





Many of us remember the effective armor calculator from the MeltyMap' s MathMod. For those who don't know what its all about, there is a quick run down under the spoiler.


Effective Armor Basics:

  Effective Armor Basics

The thickness of a tanks armor is highly dependent on the angle that armor. Example,  if your armor is 100mm thick at 60° that thickness doubles to 200mm.

Effective_armour_thickness.pngSome basic information from the WoT wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics#Effective_Armour_Thickness



The effective armor calculator does, well exactly what it sounds like it does. It gives you real time information about the actual thickness of your hulls armor based on angle of your tank compared to where you are looking/aiming.







Then takes it a few steps further. Along with the angle of your tank it takes into account the angle of your armor including angles like an IS-3 and its pike.




Pretty useful.





At first the old Armor Calculator went defunct back around ~8.8. Then my old mod went defunct at ....so it has  been a while....again. This time it has be re-written to work with XVM/XFW's py_macros and integrates into your XVM config.


Unlike previous version the effective armor in the Armor Panel is no longer dependent on a XML sheet of tank armor and angle values that are outdated and can no longer be easily updated. All armor values and armor angles are gathered dynamically and directly from the game. A collision check based on your turret/camera rotation and tank's hull height is done against your own tank which returns the armor's angle at that point.




MeltyElement Armor Panel & Protractor



For installation, additional features, and more information check the readme - here


I will only be able to maintain work on this until the end of June or so.


With the mod being built on a feature of XVM it should be usable for the foreseeable future and not get the rug pulled out from underneath it like the switch from AS2 to AS3 did last time. Also thanks to XVM, no ActionScript to mess with. Hopefully that means its somewhat accessible and can be easily updated by anyone with decompiled WoT python files.


Please, feel free to take the mod and run with it. It would be awesome if some of the original MeltyMap features could stick around for more then a patch or two.




mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel v1.0.1

This is the original flash version of the mod updated and reworked for the actionscript  changes.

download mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel.7z and extract the mods folder to your World of Tanks directory.


The XML/config is found at mods\configs\ElementArmorPanelSettings.xml







  • The armor angles in the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml are in desperate need of updating. The type, left & right arcs(yaw limits), front & side(base armor) are completely irrelevant now and will be removed eventually. Only the arc, arc2, arc3 values are important now and need to be updated. However the old method of getting those values is no longer available due to the original Wot Tank Viewer no longer being maintained. If anyone knows of any alternative programs or methods to accurately measure angles, please let me know.   (feels good to strike that out)





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