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Spoter Marks of excellence extended mod dosn't work in "config" mode

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For reasons that don't need explaining, i decided i wanted to customise the spoter "marks of excellence extended" mod. I switched the mod to "config" and changed the code to suit what i was after. However i found that the code had no effect on the mod, it looked exactly the same as it had before the changes. I then pressed alt to see if that section of the code had worked. At this point the UI crashed (all panels disappeared and the map and vehicle status panel (bottom left in vanilla) went totally black, camera became stuck and mouse was no longer centred on game client, which was lucky, as "esc" didn't bring the menu up and it made restarting the game alot easier). i have since reinstalled mods and tried the same thing with changing the code. this yielded the same results.


I have put abug report on spoter's github but it looks like bug reports on there are going unread.

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