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In Game Mission Tracking Problem

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You know the real time mission tracking thing you can have in game? The ones up top center screen that look like flags hanging that track your current mission progress in battle? They aren't showing up for me and I definitely have them turned on. They were showing before I installed the mod. I'm not using much from the modpack and I thought maybe the team hp pool bars were messing it up (since it changes the UI up there), but no matter which I try they are still missing. A friend is using the same one and has noproblem. I've tried unchecking each mod, one at a time but still can't get them to show up. Was wondering if anyone has ran into this and if so did they fix it and how. Thanks!


Logs attached.


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Yes I was told on the wot forums that the in game tracking only functions for the 2nd campaign of missions. Those being the ones for the Excalibur and such. Turns out they were right, lol. So, not broken, just doesn't work for the original personal missions. Cheers!

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Hi ;)



woooow okay thanks.... i will try it tomorrow! So it only works for the new Chapter of Personal Missions right ? (The exalibur etc.) For stugIV T28 Concept etc (the Missions i am now) we didnt‘t see the mission helper in the Game ? Strange but okay... so i know why ;) thx a lot my friend ... really !

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Yeah pretty lazy on Wargamings part if you ask me. I mean how hard can it be to apply this system to the old missions from a coding perspective? Not that hard really, the system is already in place, lol. Glad I could help man!

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