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patch 1.2 -xvm only works for 1 battle

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XVM only works for 1 battle then dies, including garage stats

What I dont get is that all the stats will work in garage and in battle, the popup when log in says im active, but after 1 battle it all dies.


I'm using version 3 of the modpack for wot 1.2. I even tried deleting the xvm tokens out of appdata. 


Normally the website will say "extend" if im activated or "activate" if its lapsed. Right now it still says "activate" but has a 12 day 22 hr 22 minute clock. when i click it again it says something like "you already have an active request to add a new client. now you need to log into the game using a new client" 


Not really sure what else to try.

P.S. this is a brand new pc with fresh game install. I had xvm working from sunday till the patch day when it decided to go haywire


secondary issue is that when I close the game it doesnt really close I have to kill it in task manager. DOubt thats related to modpack but if you know a fix :)))


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I am having the same issue.  I load into the game, it works for a minute or two then locks up and says XVM stopped working, then shows me a send report panel...and yes I submitted the report multiple times.  I cleared DL cache...everything.  I can load of Solo's and it works fine, but I hate Solos.... I want my Aslains to work.  Please help  Already got a warning for inactivity due to these crashes.

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  • I too  have had XVM issues with the last 2 updates.....

 My XVM works for a few  battles , then I need to restart the game.  When I try to restart the game ...  it tells me WOT is still running even tho its not showing in Task Manager.

I have to restart my Whole machine to be able to reset my XMV.... just to only work for a few Games.

 I have used WMCleaner to clear cache....  but same issue

 please tell me how I can fix this

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