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Lightweight Garage/Minimap/Team list mod

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Hello, new here, just downloaded the product, think it is pretty great, but there are times where I just want simple things aka not sitting down to play for several hours.


What I am looking for is a mod that:

remembers last crew/non complex equipment, and auto moves them to the current tank.

Defaults Gold ammo/premium consumables to Credits, not Gold.

If possible denotes any weird MM tanks may have.

Gives me a basic crosshairs for SPGs on the minimap.

League of Legends Style team health bar on top.

Default teams display tank name/short player name and color, or in some way indicate how many HP Min out of Max each tank has (on Conture for example Sliding green to red bar/%), and if a tank has been spotted or not.

Custom 6th sense icon/Sound

Mini-Map circles for current view range out of max view range/Max render distance.  AKA if I have Binocs equipped the mini map circle will adjust to show if they are on/off.

I'd find a friendly fire chat mod that says "Player X has shot player Y for ### Friendly fire... they are a jerk." amusing, but certainly not a requirement.


I also don't need XVM, I have decided I am tired of knowing I am clubbing a seal and feeling bad about it.


I can remember to turn off stuff like horizontal stabilization in sniper mode, no red screen ect.  These settings can even just be left for the normal WG UI to handle.


Just want minor Quality of Life improvements, trying to stay away from anything that requires much work for anyone involved.

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