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Damage Meter, Radio Location and minor bug in Chat

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Hello Aslain et all,


Running Mod pack #06


Currently I'm still missing the mod "Damage Meter". Any news?


Also since version 0.8 rolled out, we don't have anymore the chance to costumize the arc of the RPF. In another post you said it would be included, but so far nothing.

As far as I understood WG changed its location/name with v. 0.8, but luckly StratosGR on the WOWS forum already figured it out: now the swf with the costum image needs to be in a file called hud_lib in the following path: C:\Games\World_of_Warships_Eu\res_mods\\gui\flash.

I'm currently running Stratos's version which works fine, but I really prefer the one with red triangle that was included in your modpack. Beside I want to be to sure not to get a red flag from WG for using an illegal mod, just in case. Can you please investigate the issue?


Finally I've a minor glitch with chats (BADoBEST v1 and v2, Autospy).

When I'm in full screen mapmode if I lower the pointer to the chat, it starts to flicker heavily and I'm unable to scroll it back and forth.


As usual, thank you for everything!!






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