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Contour Icons Not Loading Properly

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I have been having this issue since the release of 1.5 .. I tried different contours, switching around a few mods, and I removed 15cm circle mod just in case, but nothing happened. I'm used to Aslain's Simple with Big fonts contour, but it don't seem able to load properly.





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Looks like contour icons are missing in res_mods, but I can see them downloaded. There is more mods missing: Battle results window by Ragnarocek and Hawg's damage indicator. All missing mods are downloaded as 7zip. 


Check if you have them in c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\Aslain_Modpack\DL_cache\

- Aslains_simple_icons_big_TIM_1504.7z
- dmgindicator_Hawg_Needle_1400.7z
- battleStats_ragnarocek_1503.7z


1. Make sure you are installing mods as admin (right click on exe).

2. Select option to clean up DL folder upon installation


There is also a chance that antivir is messing up with you.

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Not a lot of people just few. Almost every user of this modpack is using contour icons, it's like 0,000012% users reported this problem only.


it's definitley local issue otherwise how do you explain the fact that I loaded same mods like you installed and I have contour icons?

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