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WoT Spins Your Tank Around When You Die

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I'm sick of being spun around 180 degrees upon being shot dead in WoT.
As soon as I die, my tank is suddenly & rapidly spun around to face the opposite direction, which is often confusing & I miss out on what happened at the moment I was shot dead.

I feel I'm missing out on what happened as I died. Most of the time, I want to see who shot me & from where & it's frustrating me to no end.


I have spoken to WoT about this (in fact to several people there) & according to each of them, it has always been this way, there is no special reason it does this & serves no benefit. It was just likely something one of the original programmers created & it has stuck with the game.


WoT has no plans on discontinuing the affect even though it serves NO function at all.


Is there a mod out there that can remove or stop this from happening?
Do you know of anyone wanting to create such an app so that others do not have to deal with this nonsensical act of silliness?

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