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Targeting mods and a few others.... Dunno if legal or possible.

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Got a few mod requests.


May be illegal (then ignored) or impossible (and again ignored)...




For arty a "Targeting" mod that will send a "Fall Back!" message if a friendly tank enters a 50m radus around a tank you are targeting (you have declared "Attacking" in the last 15 seconds) in your arty. Would assist with blue-on-blue events


For all tanks a listing of what tanks you have line of sight to - I.e. a change of colour of the enemy tank on the mini map if you have a direct line of sight to any part of the enemy. Save time searching for shots.


A "Targeting" warning - If an enemy tanks barrel lines up with your position (from the facing/pointing mod) a warning comes up.


XVM based - a auto announcer at around 10 seconds left of countdown for "[Tank A], [Tank B] are priority targets." Tanks are selected on the basis of win rate in that tank - top 2 or 3 enemy are listed. Would help with non-xvm players to target highest value targets 1st.


......Sorry if these are a waste of time, my programming skills ended in 1996 at BASIC. (Still got my teachers passwords with BASIC trap programs though!!!)





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