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I suggest Aslain who performs for all World of Tanks gamers ongoing work updating modules to improve his installer.exe.
As a preamble, I noticed that the installer starts the download and the installation of each required modules and this consumes time regardless of status: Updated or outdated.
Will it be possible to insert a checker install module script for installed files status on our customer WOT and which proposed so that only update files are downloaded and installed to replace on outdated files.


About XVM statistics, I suggest too some improving XWM stats mod to load and show a different statistics view (this, why not as default choice, to load the damages done by played tank in place of the general damages done with no reference to the tier in game.

Of course the higher tiers make more damages than low tiers but general statistics do never make any difference.


Another choice can be done with the experience won which is the most important reward in WOT game and shows a better battle activity than only the damages.

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