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Anyone have any idea why it is taking so long to switch from 1 tank to another in the garage? It is not taking about 8-12 seconds, and that is if both tanks are full crew and full equipment already.  This is not 8-12 every time, but no less than 4-5 seconds and only rarely does it switch easily.  The Aslains wheel and "completing operation" pops up in the middle of the screen.  This happens even when I am out of all battles (so no pending battle results) 

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That's been happening for me as well, at least for the last several months (it wasn't anywhere near that bad a year ago, but I can't say for certain when it started being really bad). For me the delay is 22-25 seconds (edit: just timed half a dozen switching-vehicles), which is annoying.


My best guess is that it's related to automated swapping of "stuff" on the tank, which may include crew, equipment, and camo. If you have a mod to auto-mount equipment and camo, when you select a tank it needs to run through all the tanks and remove the removable equipment/camo and send it back to the depot (one element at a time), then pull out the remembered equipment and camo and mount it on the selected tank. I suspect the delay is largely to do with client-server communication and not related to local client performance.  It might be related to the number of tanks in your garage, but I'm not sure. For reference, I have 127 tanks in my garage and use Auxilium for both Auto-Equip and Auto-Camo.

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more precise timing to switch vehicles
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i thought this was autosaved on the client maybe as a pny file or something.  but even when equipment or crew isnt being moved it is slowing the process of switching tanks, for example if I go to my IS6 then to my EBR then back to the IS6 and then Back to the EBR all without having anything else going on and all battles being concluded prior then this still causes a long delay through every switching back and forth.

playing around with the settings in game, the mod settings, if I turn off the crew exp extender then it drastically changes the time to switch vehicles


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Your preferred configuration is saved locally, but all actual swapping of stuff needs to go through the server. It appears that the mod(s) blindly demounts all the equipment/camo from the currently-selected tank, sends it all to the depot, selects the new tank, then re-applies your preferred configuration to that tank. In my case it looks like it's demounting 9 pieces of camo and 3 equipment from the previous tank, and re-applying the same number to the new tank, taking about 1 second per item, even though I may have sufficient quantity of said items in my depot to not need to do that.  I think previous versions (or perhaps it was a different mod) would only demount equipment/camo from an available tank in the garage if there wasn't enough stock in the depot to equip the new tank, which made switching back and forth between two tanks significantly faster.


Out of curiosity, which of the camo/equipment/crew auto-equipping mods are you using?

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so the delay is even on tanks that require no switching, but the only things that are moved are the crew in and out of premium tanks and back to tier 10s and cammo net-binos-toolbox.  nothing else ever gets moved.


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