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Alslain contour icons

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Good morning,

I have uninstaled and instaled back the game. Put again my mod using your last update but contour icons don't work ingame.

I usually use litle icons by aslain.




mod used.PNG

but ingame :





The archiver didn't work for me.




Then i send you others folders :



I hope i didn' forgot anything :)








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Two options in my opinion:

1. an antivir is preventing the contour icons to be downloaded/unpacked

2. file with icons downloaded by the installer is corrupted 


In 1st case, check your av (disable/add file)  and reinstall the modpack.

In 2nd case delete Aslains_simple_icons_big_TIM_11001b.7z at D:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\Aslain_Modpack\DL_cache\ and reinstall the modpack.

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Contour icons seems unpacked, and nothing is blocked by antivir





I just tried the second one too, it still don't work.

I tried that before after checked another subject about contour icons too :)

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Ok, so everything looks good. You have the files in a proper places, so the problem is either lack of access to that files (doubt that) or you are the game installed in the other folder. There is also a chance that some av sandbox is in action, but I chances are low.

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