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Ships with Radar indicator on main screen

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At the top of the main battle page, where the green and red ship Icons are located, put some small text next/above/under the ships that CAN or DO have radar installed.  Note this is not to indicate if they have chosen the radar module right now for this game, just to let us DD players know which ships Might have radar.   

Also, if you showed the max radar range of a ship, that would be cool.    Text like :   "R10" for 10km radar,   "R12" for 12km radar, etc.


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Try "Side Pannels by AutoSpy".  Radar and Radar range can be shown on every ship.  Edit the panel for a size and show any options you want.  You can even make it 2 lines if you discard some items.
Some other Side Panel mods can show this as well.  I prefer "Side Pannels by AutoSpy" over the other mods.  Click the gear icon above the mod and experiment to find a setup that suits you.

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