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  1. Thank you finding out the answer. The mod creator has left out these 2 check boxes unticked on purpose. I wish the mod creator would give us an option to have our current selection changed to the default. It would make my life with over 400 ships easier. Tick one 'change default' box and I could forget about it. Others may have different options for their preferences. I am grateful to all the people who create these mods on their own time.
  2. 411 ships. Yes I have been manually adding them. Would be nice if it was automatic. If the mod creator can add it would make my life easier. (And I imagine many others would like it as well). Thanks @aslain.
  3. Bump. Anyone want to create a simple mod? @Capt_Oveur
  4. Minimap by BattleFrame has 2 check-boxes that are always unchecked. Can these be auto-checked the same as the others boxes are? Perhaps there is good reason why these 2 boxes are left out that the mod creator knows. Aslain, the log files did not seem to be needed for this post. I hope issues and bug reporting is the correct section. Thanks for looking. PS. Great mod.
  5. Try "Side Pannels by AutoSpy". Radar and Radar range can be shown on every ship. Edit the panel for a size and show any options you want. You can even make it 2 lines if you discard some items. Some other Side Panel mods can show this as well. I prefer "Side Pannels by AutoSpy" over the other mods. Click the gear icon above the mod and experiment to find a setup that suits you.
  6. Flags and/or Signal Flags. Can I have a mod to equip the same flag onto all my ships? eg the 10% service costs flag from Ranked Battles. Or equip the same signal flag onto every ship so I can buy more when they are on special. It would be helpful to demount all signals before equipping the new ones so that the mod knows the that a flag is not installed. @Capt_Oveur
  7. Cheers Aslain. Could I be getting confused with WG/WoWs resets on my hard drive? I have had at least 2 with the latest due to a new CPU/motherboard.
  8. Aslain, that would be awesome if you can relay my request. Thank you.
  9. Bump. Can a naming convention be created/used? It could help. Please forgive me. I am Autistic.
  10. Losing hundreds of individual ship specific settings/variables from a mod if its is removed due to a patch breaking it is frustrating. This is a foreseeable event. NBD for most mods, they just disappear for a few days. But a few mods have individual ship specific settings/variables. When these mods are removed due to a Patch all these ship specific settings/variables are reset to blank. When the mod is patched and I play each ship, these settings needs to be reset to my preference. With over 400 ships this can take weeks/months. Mods that have settings/variables for every ship
  11. When setting Primary Crew for the first time Mouse over the Red Plus icon says Left Click to "Assign Primary Crew. If ship already has a Primary Crew and I put a different Commander in place, Left click is now "Reassign Primary Crew". Right click is "Set New Primary Crew". Can Right click be changed to "Assign (New) Primary Crew" in both situations? Leaving Left click to "Reassign Primary Crew" if and only if a Primary Commander has already been set. I was tired one night and kept going round in circles trying to Assign a new commander by left clicking. OFC I should have been Ri
  12. Detailed Damage Meter doesn't remember position between restarts. Even when its the only mod loaded. Is this the same problem as last time? Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. @Naturian You have already been given 2 solutions to the problem. 1) Remove the conflicting mod. Namely delete "Advanced Battle Loading Screen". Suggested by myself. or 2) Ignore the issue first time you play one game. Then restart WoWs and it should be fixed. Suggested by Aslain himself. This forum is better suited to the self-sufficient types. Have you considered using the alternate to Aslains that is promoted by WG themselves? Sometimes you have to read between the lines. I found a conflict between 2 mods. "Delete the one you don't need and the other will work" is
  14. Detailed Damage Meter doesn't save the location between WoWs restarts. Mod works great. Panels are now movable. Once moved the panels stay in that location for the next match. But as soon as I restart WoWs the panels move back to the default location. Thanks for looking.Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  15. "Sidepanels by Autospy" is messed up. "Advanced Battle Loading Screen with Clan Icons: ASIA" is the only other mod loaded and appears to be the cause of the conflict. Hope this helps. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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