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  1. Are the Minimap by BattleFrame settings stored in my WoWs folder? I would like to be able to see which options are used without playing every ship I own. While knocking off the snowflakes I noticed about half my Tier 5 ships had minmap settings unchecked. It would be nice if I could read a file to see which of my ships where missing options. It gets old having to double check every snowflake ships. Thanks for looking.
  2. When camos are less than half price can I automatically buy the Type 1, 2 & 5 camos for my +470 ships? 1 camo at a time obviously. And when they are off special price I can sell then for a profit? Is it even legal? I can buy them manually but its nearly 1,500 camos.
  3. Ty @Capt_Oveur. Mod is working as intended.
  4. nagymacs. Using the power of 2 is quicker. Delete half the mods and test. Depending on the bug, I use the Training room so testing is quicker. Then add back (or remove) 1/4 of your mods and test. This step has 1/4 or 3/4 of my mods. Rinse and repeat. 8 tests at the most. Still long but shorter than 1 at a time.
  5. Thanks for finding this bug, nagymacs. I attempted to find it but gave up. Its a long involved process for me to find the source of a bug when there is no obvious cause. I delete half the mods, see if that fixes the problem or not. Then 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th rinse and repeat. Decades ago I was a programmer in the Fortran/Cobol era. I am aware efforts we all go to to correct bugs. Hats off to all the volunteers who make and maintain the mods. That's why I try to make Aslain's job easier by reporting as accurately as possible when I find any.
  6. Move GUI #2 is not working. Only 2 mods are loaded. "Move GUI #2" and "Advanced HP bar". Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. When editing a post there is an "Edit Page" dialog box at the bottom. As I am already editing the page can this wording be changed to "Publish Edit", "Publish Changes" or something similar? I have no idea if that can be altered or if it is part of the software used to run your website. Thanks for looking. Sorry for pointing it out. When my Autism sees something to be corrected, its hard to let it go. I made a post of my request in case any other native English speakers wanted to chime in.
  8. Can someone make a "Demount all Commanders" mod? With options like remove Commanders from 1) Premiums, 2) Elite ships, 3) Non-Elite tech tree ships. I use a 21 point commander on a new ship during early access. These ships are treated as Premium ships until the next patch. But if I accidentality leave it on this ship when the patch comes this commander gets assigned to this ship. It would then need to be reassigned back to its original ship. (Which is a waste of resources). Early access T5 ships don't need a high level Commander after I have got the T6 in that line. So I would rather all the Commander XP goes towards Elite Commander XP instead of being stuck on a seldom used ship. I am prob only going to play this ship again for Snowflakes in Co-op twice a year. It would be awesome if I could run a "Demount all Commanders" mod the night before patch. @Capt_Oveur
  9. Minimap by BattleFrame. The Torp Range and Airstrike Range conflict with each other in the settings menu. I can't edit the one underneath to alter colour etc. Maybe this is only on the BB's menu? Ship used is the Kii with 10km torps and 12km Airstrike. Screenshots compare no mods with Minimap by BattleFrame being the only mod loaded. Aslains log file has Minimap by BattleFrame as the only mod loaded. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. FYI Mod full name is "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port / Lootbox collecting & opening". It was driving me nuts until I found it.
  11. Which line is which? Can we have coloured lines on the Minimap by BattleFrame, please? 3 lines are sometimes close together. The my-ship-is-pointing here line, the RPF line and the my-torps-go-there line. Without different colours it can be hard to tell if I will miss the island coming up from the minimap. When split seconds count the extra time sorting this out could be a disaster. Perhaps using different line thicknesses or dashes is an option if you can't change the colour easily. Eg. Solid line, dotted line and dashed line. Thanks for looking
  12. Awesome. Thanks for having a look, @Capt_Oveur.
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