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  1. Minimap by BattleFrame doesn't work with Nomogram: Turquoise with spider web v1 (by Stiv372). By trial and error I deleted all other mods until I found the mod that stopped Minimap by BattleFrame from working. They used to play nice together. But now they don't. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. Mod to display my selected ships name on every screen in WoWs, please. Preferred location would be on the top line of every screen half way between the left hand edge and the middle of the screen. This space seems blank on most screens. Many of WoWs screens don't display my current ship. eg. I can't find my ships name on the Detailed Report after a battle. Or the Credits and XP screen. Thanks for looking.
  3. Can someone create a mod with my current ships name on every screen, all the time? I would like it to be located the top of the screen, halfway between the Left and the Middle, thanks. Adjustable location and font size would suit us that wear reading glasses. Optionally, can it be made to disappear/reappear on the Control G toggle? Thanks for looking. Equipment: Reading glasses. 32" QHD 2560x1440 LCD monitor.
  4. Mod names should be highlighted in Title. #, @, ", {}, [], (), * are used to make things stand out. It would make it much easier for the Mod Creator to find their mods on this forum. examples edited from my posts Titles. [Return Commander to His Ship] needs a Don't Option Add 30% Hit Points Pool Value to the {Team HP Bars} mod @Camouflage Manager Icons are Hard to See Note If every Mod had a creation post, users could link to that in the Title? Not sure if this is a good idea or not cause links are long. @Aslain would need to approve the type and add it to the Instructions. The already overworked Moderators could edit Titles to include the mod name. Cause we all know users are shit at reading instructions. Use it for a week and it will be obvious to all.
  5. Awesome mod, thank you @Shipmaster_Crook The text readability is great, even with the greyed out not selected theme WarGaming uses. Game Icons suit all languages and education levels. It's just us Reading Glass-wearing people are always going to need help to see the fine details. Not enough UX is done for the over 45's. Which is strange as WoWS average user age is 42. Blame WG for not planning ahead to give 3rd party modders icons with borders. After all, you are doing their oversights.
  6. The Camouflage Manager Icons are hard to see. They blend into the background too much. 3 cheers for the mod by Crooks. I have 3 requests. 1) Can you place the Icons on a black or white background, please? White movie subtitles are much easier to read if they are displayed on a Black background. 2) Can you display the text using a non-proportional right justified font so the zeros line up? 3) Can the information be displayed in a fixed location? If the camo has zero in that slot, leave the space blank (or make it zero). It would make scanning much easier. Instead of having to decode the icon we would learn its meaning from its location. eg. Spring Sky has +200% to ZP and +777% to Free XP so it would look like this - Credit Icon 200 XP Icon Commander XP Icon 777 Free XP Icon 4 slots with 2 blank Note - Use the minus sign for negative numbers. The plus sign is not needed since most numbers are positive. Thanks for looking.
  7. Can the Ships Name be overlayed on every screen all the time? The ships name is missing from the battle detail screens. It can often be hard to find my ships name or it's not on the screen at all. At the top of the screen halfway between the left and the middle of the screen is unused. It would be perfect. Thanks for looking.
  8. Camouflage Manager [by Crook] has been added. Thank You http://aslain.com/index.php?/profile/28345-shipmaster_crook/ Sorry, I couldn't work out how to put an Alsain username in a post.
  9. The information from the Detailed Damage Meter mod stays on the screen after pressing control G (the remove GUI command toggle). Its the only mod that I use that does not disappear which prevents GUI free screenshots. It is a small thing and its the only mod that has this effect. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. "Primary crew is not set" and "Primary crew is already set" are very similar and we read 3 words before the difference shows up in the 4th word. In the age of Google, when we scan everything, peoples reactions would be quicker if the difference was in the first 2 words. Perhaps change message to "Crew marked as primary" instead of "Primary crew already set". Thanks for looking.
  11. Can a menu option be added "Return Commander to its Primary (Regular) Ship"? When I play a Premium ship I end up in port seeing this commander still in the ship. I wouldn't even know its the programming is possible, but it would be nice to click and have my Commander returned to the ship where it is Primary. Now I have to select the other ship and click on "Get Primary Crew Back". Thanks for looking.
  12. Thank you. Wargaming says average age for the player base is 42. So half your customers need glasses. Bigger options, for all mods, will always be welcome.
  13. Can you add a 'Don't Set as Primary Crew' option, please? Most of my Premium ships I borrow the Commander from another ship. So it always displays the "Primary crew is not set" menu option. Its always asking me to do something. I would like the chance to 'not frighten me to death' every time I see it is not done. Thank you.
  14. Thank you. Wargaming says average. So half your customers need glasses. Bigger options will always be welcome.
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