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Hint.  Put more information in your title, please.  No one is going to read this just in case it relates to them.  People are busy.  Give them a heads-up when you want help.
If you can't alter the title, delete this post and make another.  Esp if no one is responding.

WG has a habit of adding sound w/o notice.  eg In the Armoury, I wish there was an option to disable all sound and never ask again. 
To most ppl, this is meh.  But to disabled ppl, this is a huge deal.

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This seems, I mean this sounds, like a unicum player's problem. 😜 I usually don't live to the end of my battles so I rarely hear this annoying piece.

Seriousy, IIRC the 'music' after the battle is part of the battle sound effects and not the music files so the volume controls for music do not affect it. It should be possible to mod it, even though some recent Lesta changes made Port sound mods impossible.

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The Audio page says I can turn music volume to zero.  WG ignores me and plays music anyway.  
eg  At the end of a battle, in cut scenes and in the Armoury. etc.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How is irrelevant.
Music is distracting, focus sapping noise to me.  Turn it off.

Disabled people are being shafted.  How do wheelchairs navigate a path that is 90% ramps and 10% stairs?

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