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Mouse Zoom In and Out Issues & Missions Flickering top of screen.

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Whenever I play my B-C 25 t AP and I zoom into sniper mode either the turret/mouse response is slow to the point where it is impossible to swap targets quickly.  I also noticed that when I am zoomed almost all the way in and then try to zoom out using the scroll wheel on the mouse it has the opposite effect and zooms me all the way in.


Also I am working on T-28 mission #3 for medium tank that requires I do 750 damage within the first 2 minutes of the game.  The timer causes the default mission bar on top to flicker until the timer runs out.


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Still happening, mouse scroll wheel is not doing what it is supposed to do.  IE: When I try to zoom in and out in sniper mode 90% of the time it does the opposite or zooms 2-3 more clicks than it should.  Like I said, something happened in v1.11.1.1 #4 that messed the scroll wheel zoom in/out to the point where it is impossible to play.

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