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Player Panel HP and Minimap Cirlce HP are not displayed

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I used the Player Panel HP and the Minimap Circle HP of the XVM Section all the time. But as WG was including them into the game with update 1.13 i disabled those mods and hoped that the Ingame settings will be active.


Unfortuantely these are not displayed. Is this a general issue that the ingame settings are overwritten as soon as you use some player panel and minimap mods?






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when you have nothing checked for xvm options, it is using the default xvm setting
to get it to work you have to remove xvm complete or just use the xvm settings for now

it will take some time before all the features WG added ingame will work together with xvm

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I'm having the opposite problem.  When I select the mods that I typically use, they work the first time I log in, but when I log out of the game and return it resets the player panel hp and mini map to the stupid circles.  Looks like WG screwed up and has it so their stupid mods overwrite the custom ones you install once you log out and back in again.

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