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Highlighting new items in different font color


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Problem: When getting an update it can be hard to find new mods. I know you can read the changelist which is helpful but you still need to scroll through a lot of stuff to find them.


Possible solution: Would it be possible to highlight new items or changed items in a new font color?


So for example say I am on 4.26.1 and want to updated to 4.28.2. The program would know what mods have been added since 4.26.1 and would color them in a different font color so they stood out. That way when installing an update a user could quickly scan the long list and determine if they want to add that new mod or not.


If it is too hard to do it across multiple versions if it could just highlight the items since the last version that would be helpful.


Thank you for considering this request and keep up the great work!

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