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XVM map option - vanilla map icons


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I don't know if it is possible, but I prefer the normal vanilla WoT extended map features over the icons and such included in the XVM map. So I was wondering if a change or option could be added to be able to use some of the XVM map settings (like shown below) but without overriding the WoT extended map features.


Currently with the options below (even if if only select to show the dynamic view range and nothing else) then I have the icons and names on map double. Once from WoT and once from the mods. So currently I had to disable the WoT extended map features, but then I only have the XVM map icons and names which are smaller and harder to read. Thus why I prefer the vanilla extended map features (the colourings are also different, especially on enemies after being spotted).


I currently have the following options selected in the Aslain installer for the map:




If I must sacrifice the Alt display to have the vanilla Icons, that would be ok. The only thing I really use from the XVM map is the red square shown on Alt press and the dynamic view range circle. The health bars can be handy but I can do without as well if needed to have the vanilla icons.


Hopefully you can help on this Aslain :)


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